Toni from West Yorkshire is our penultimate #LockdownLegend!

Michael Grimes - 26 May 2020

Congratulations to BetterPoints user Toni from Baildon, West Yorkshire, for becoming our penultimate #LockdownLegend!

Each week, since the lockdown began, we have chosen a #LockdownLegend – someone from our app’s user community with an inspiring story of coping during the coronavirus lockdown.

Toni had to deal with the death of her father last month and found solace in country walks, helped along by the challenge of earning virtual BetterPoints medals.

Unfortunately I lost my dad on 8th April. I was unable to see him in hospital and couldn’t be with him in the funeral home. We couldn’t have a funeral in the normal sense and it has been very tough mentally.

Spending time outside has helped me massively. I live in a rural area in West Yorkshire which is beautiful. There are lots of hills but also a plenty of rivers and canals. This lockdown has brought me out into nature, which has given me great comfort as my dad loved being outside. The sunshine has also helped enormously.

Receiving my medals via the app has really motivated me and been a lovely reward. I am slowly but surely learning how to cope with my grief but that’s because I have been able to have space to deal with my thoughts and for that I am truly grateful.

Toni wins 25,000 BetterPoints for her story, as well as the honour of being our latest BetterPoints #LockdownLegend!