Pushing Ahead Norfolk BetterPoints Reward Challenge

07 March 2018

Get Active in your area

We are running a rewards challenge in partnership with Norfolk County Council and the Pushing Ahead partnership.

This challenge is open to residents of Norwich and Great Yarmouth, where you can earn rewards for walking, running and cycling in Norwich and up to 10km outside the city and across the whole of Great Yarmouth.

Once you step outside your home you can earn BetterPoints for walking, cycling or running. Then use your BetterPoints to reward yourself, by selecting a reward, or donate them to a charity. 

As well as earning points for recording your travel activity every day, every month we are giving away 10,000 BetterPoints (worth £10) to a new participant of the scheme.

How do I take part?

Click below to download the BetterPoints app.


Watch a short video here to get you started or follow these instructions:

1. Download the BetterPoints app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.
2. Tap “Join Now” in the app, and fill out the form.
3. You will be automatically added to the Pushing Ahead challenge due to your postcode. There will be a welcome message about this on your timeline in the app.
4. Tap the Play ▶ button in the top right corner of the app. 
5. Track your activity via Automatic (always on) or Manual Tracking (when you want to track a specific activity).
6. Start earning BetterPoints!

How can we help you to stay motivated?

With BetterPoints you can see your points accumulate on the app for your efforts, we will also share news of what is going on in your area to help you to stay active. 

From time to time we will ask you questions about your travel and activity habits, please answer these promptly and honestly so we can put you in the appropriate reward level. This will also help us evaluate the impact of the programme when it ends.

So get out there and start earning rewards for your activities!

Terms and Conditions

You must live in Norwich or Great Yarmouth, users who use a referral code to enter the programme who do not fulfil that criteria will be put into the UK Rewards challenge after registering to earn BetterPoints.