Donate BetterPoints to The Big C

Kerri French - 17 May 2019

We are delighted to have another great local Norfolk based charity, The Big C, on board for the Pushing Ahead rewards challenge.

Big C - Norfolk and Waveney's Local Cancer Charity

Every year more than 8,000 people in Norfolk and Waveney are told the news that they have cancer, and many more are living with the effects every day. Big C has been dedicated to the fight against cancer and today they help the thousands of people affected across Norfolk. Their work focuses on four key areas – supporting, research,  equipment and education.

Big C’s journey began back in 1980, when two local men found themselves  with cancer and having to travel to London for treatment. A flippant comment about doing something to make sure no-one else ever had to endure the same isolating experience, and a plan to just make a few thousand pounds has transformed into a local charity that has raised over £30 million.

Today,  Big C has specialist centres that are there for anyone affected by cancer – providing first-hand support, information and a listening ear to those who need it. Big C also educates on cancer and funds world-class local research into cancer and invests in vital diagnostic and medical equipment and facilities in local hospitals, bringing better care for local people, closer to where they live.

You can see their BetterPoints donation page on the app, go to the Donate tab and search for 'Big C' and donate some BetterPoints to them today and support the great work they do in Norfolk and Waveney.